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Supply chains are notorious for being complex, from purchasing raw materials from global suppliers, tracking shipments, monitoring inventory levels, ensuring proper handling, and storage across a disparate distribution facilities. These daily challenges require strategies and solutions for smooth supply chain management and access to real time data. Enabling efficient, faster, supply chains that are able to keep on top of their inventory and are able to react in an instant.

Summitworks develops and implements custom applications in the Logistics industry, including Air, Ground & Oceanic shipping.

We have successfully developed solutions that include:
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Supply Chain Logistics Strategy
  • Material handling Systems
  • Distribution operations
  • Shipment Delivery Confirmation
  • Inventory bar-coding
  • Inventory Control & Management
  • System Automation
  • 3PL
  • Waste Management Systems
  • ERP Integration /EDI
  • OSBA –Shipment Delivery Mobile

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