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Business is changing rapidly, and Customers are driving you to Digitally Transform and to work at the speed of Digital. One of the greatest risks, is for companies that ignore their Digital systems, they can rapidly lose those very customers that the business needs to survive. Over ½ of the Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 have become irrelevant, sold, or shut down, and the primary cause of this has been that the businesses have not adapted digitally. The risk is Beven greater for small and medium businesses. Customers have a world of options, a click away online.

The good news is that with innovative, and efficient digital systems, companies can grow, and take market share from their competitors who let their digital services languish and decay. This Digital Transformation journey impacts every area of your organization, and particularly how your customers and clients interact with you. SummitWorks will listen to you and learn your goals for your Digital Systems, and then we will work to rapidly develop systems that better connect with your clients and customers. SummitWorks uses the proven thought leadership, digital tools/methodologies of the Institute for Digital Transformation to quickly develop a benchmark of where your company is on its Digital Transformation journey, and how it compares. We will work with you, and within your budget to develop a roadmap for filling those gaps found and moving ahead to deliver exceptional experiences for your customers and clients.

We call our process “LeanDigitalTransformation” and following this we learn with you, together we get the strategy quickly off the page and into action. We develop with our locally led development teams, software and systems based on proven technologies to quickly, efficiently, and for a reasonable cost deliver new digital customer experiences that will help your business. Throughout the process we will stay focused on the needs of your clients / customers, as well as your employees, while using Lean methodologies to keep costs under control.

We look forward to working with you, the next step is for you us to setup a conference call with our team to discuss your needs, and we can also come out and see you.

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